Whiteline’s convenient front and rear sway bar kit with heavy duty adjustable end links activate more grip in a great bundle. Whiteline Subaru WRX sway bar kit products provide enthusiasts and racers with innovative solutions to suspension and handling problems while delivering proven performance.

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Subaru WRX Anti-Sway Bar Kit | Whiteline Sway Bar Kit

Whiteline boasts a worldwide reputation as a leading manufacturer of replacement, enhancement and performance suspension components.

Total Automotive Performance has always liked how they deliver significant gains in vehicle balance, steering precision, grip levels and outright driving performance.

The Subaru WRX sway bar kit Consists of adjustable sway bars, also known as Stabilizer Bars or Anti Roll Bars, chassis bracing, alignment products and chassis control bushing kits.

What is the benefit of an anti-sway bar kit?

These Subaru WRX sway bar kit reduce body roll and understeer on factory Subaru’s to a more balanced neutral handling characteristic. This bundle offers a complete vehicle handling package that saves money by purchasing in kit.

Whiteline Sway bars dramatically improve the grip, handling and performance of your vehicle. Cornering loads are spread more evenly across the tires delivering more grip and frankly, that’s what it’s all about.

Your Subaru WRX will also get improved tire wear as your tires stay flatter and more upright. Comfort improves because your car sits flatter through bends meaning less movement inside the vehicle.

As the name suggests, the Subaru WRX sway bar kit objective is to reduce sway, or body roll, and stabilize the vehicle under lateral, or cornering, forces. Order today at TotalAutomotivePerformance.net

Subaru sway bar kit bsk012

2014 Subaru Sway Bar Kit | Part Number BSK012

Kit Includes:

  • Front Sway Bar + Rear Sway Bar – Adjustable solid spring steel
  • Sway Bar Mount Bushings featuring Lifetime Warranty SE formulation
  • Lateral Locks to prevent lateral shifting
  • Heavy Duty Adj End Links for corner balancing and/or lowered vehicles

2008-2011 Subaru Impreza WRX

Part Number: BSK011

Kit Contents:

  • BSF30Z (Front) 22mm 2 pt adj
  • BSR49XZ (Rear) 22mm 3 pt adj
  • KLC139 (Front) HD adj end links
  • KLC182 (Rear) HD adj end links

2012-2014 Subaru Impreza WRX

Part Number: BSK012

Kit Contents:

  • BSF39Z (Front) 22mm 2 pt adj
  • BSR49XZ (Rear) 22mm 3 pt adj
  • KLC139 (Front) HD adj end links
  • KLC182 (Rear) HD adj end links