About Us

About Total Automotive Performance

Total Automotive Performance is a Real Motor Works LLC company and has been known for years as TAP Auto Parts, the internet sales leader in high performance automotive parts and accessories. Our success is bringing customers the best value and purchase experience. Whether you have a car, truck, SUV, or Jeep, aftermarket car parts and accessories is our business.

Discount car parts is our goal. We strive to provide each customer the best opportunity to buy car parts online and the best possible price and discount. If you are seeking aftermarket car parts, then Total Automotive Performance is for you. If you are looking to buy replacement car parts, then Total Automotive Performance is your source for online car parts.

Total Automotive Performance started with a vision, to always be customer centric, provide car and truck owners with the most current products available and to make the whole buying experience fun and easy. Three guys set out to make that happen. We believe in every car owner having the most cost effective choice when it comes to improving the performance of their vehicle and to still be a part of the motorsports and drifting industry.

Total Automotive Performance is a major supporter of local events, car enthusiasts, street racers, drifters, and anything auto related. If you want to be a part of a brand that appreciates the car owner, then the best automotive parts source is Total Automotive Performance.