Total Automotive Performance is excited to announce that we are the newest & only Authorized Distributor of Baja Designs Offroad Lighting in Las Vegas, Nevada & on! TotalAutomotiveLV offers the entire line of HID & LED Lighting Systems from Baja. Baja Designs LED light bars, LED auxiliary lights & HID lights have been at the forefront of Off-road lighting for over 20 years. Their line of high performance LED light bars and LED lights offer the highest quality LEDs currently available combined with the finest optics and heavy duty durability. Their extensive engineering, racing, and riding experience translate into the brightest and most efficient lights available. With over 85% of components coming from the USA – Each Baja Designs light is manufactured in San Marcos, California and backed by a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and limited lifetime warranty for the ultimate in purchase protection.

Baja Designs OnX6 LED light bars pack an impressive 6,450 lumens per 10” section. The OnX6™ LED light bars also integrate Baja Designs’ trademarked High Speed Spot™ reflectors to give you the guaranteed furthest projecting LED Light Bar on the planet. In addition, the OnX6™ LED light bar adopts industry standard sizing offering 10″, 20″ 30″ 40″ and 50″ sizes and compatible with most aftermarket mounting systems, in straight or Arc (Curved) models.

Stealth – The name says it all.  From its black anodized aluminum frame to its Cree XP-G2 LEDs. This LED light bar will give you that clean Stealth like look while packing a punch at 42 watts and 4,200 lumens of raw LED power per 10” section.  The Stealth is great for all your adventures, providing you with the power and safety you want and desire in a light bar.

With a 4,300 lumen count and power draw of 42 watts, the XL Pro LED light is the only single housing LED light on the market that has the distance of an 8” HID with the smooth spread of an LED. Perfect for enthusiasts that need a vast amount of light and are looking for something other than a light bar. The XL Pro includes three interchangeable lenses, and is capable of covering more lighting zones than any other light on the market.

The XL-R Sport LED light makes it easy to light up your world in style, with the perfect combination of affordability and performance. Utilizing our trademarked High Speed Spot™ Reflectors for the furthest projecting LED light on the market.  The XL-R Sport LED light provides the same top of the line performance and aesthetics you expect from BD in an affordable solution

Our Squadron® Pro LED light packs 4,300 Lumens at 42 watts that will truly annihilate the night. Don’t let this light fool you, although compact in size this LED auxiliary light will literally blind you with brightness.  The Pro comes equipped with a sleek black gloss aluminum housing and outshines the competition through both appearance and performance. The Squadron® Sport LED light is hands down the best $119.95 LED on the market today.  Although similar in aesthetics to the Squadron® Pro, the application for the Sport varies.  The Squadron® Sport utilizes 4 Cree XP-G2 LEDs producing an impressive 1,800 lumens at 20 watts making it ideal for near field, side/backup and scene lighting application.

The S2 Pro LED Light offers an incredible 2,150 lumens out of a tiny 3” x 2” housing; the S2 Pro is quite literally the brightest LED light ounce for ounce on the market. The S2 Pro can be mounted where traditional lights would never fit.  Moreover, it only draws 21 watts so your electrical system will barely know it’s there.  This LED is perfect for all your adventures!


Baja Designs is used by the pros – McMillin, Vildosola, Riviera Racing, TSCO, Mastercraft, All German Motorsports & Lofton Racing all rely on BD to provide them with the highest quality lighting systems currently available combined with the finest optics and heavy duty durability. Baja Designs offers a variety of Universal LED lights available in a wide range of applications including truck, motorcycle, sand rail, buggy, Jeep, ATV, UTV.  OEM vehicle specific LED light grille kits are available for a number of applications including Ford Raptor, Ford Super Duty, Chevy Heavy Duty, Jeep Wrangler JK, Polaris RZR and many more.  Contact Total Automotive Performance – the offroad lighting professionals at 702.979.1577 to discuss Baja Designs today!