Bulldog LED Lighting is the newest brand welcomed into the
Total Automotive Performance family of aftermarket auto parts and accessories.
LED Offroad Lights are more popular than ever and you can start you selection
opportunities here.

Bulldog LED Lighting was established in 2011 by an offroad
enthusiast was tired of current lighting system that were not bright enough and
LED solutions that were too expensive. Bulldog Lighting wanted LED light bars that
were cost effective, durable and tough.

Bulldog LED created an affordable LED light bar!

With over 30 years of experience in the electrical field,
and 10+ years in the product development, manufacturing, and mass distribution
fields, Bulldog LED Lighting created what the average off road enthusiast asked
wanted most.  LED offroad lights for
every driver at an affordable price.

Total Automotive Performance knows LED lights

Bulldog Lighting is proud to manufacture products in the USA.
Using materials sourced from hundreds of factories across the United States to build
their LED Light Bars.

Total Auto Parts is always looking for companies with a primary
focus on developing affordable, Innovative, and durable products made in the

What is an LED Light?

LED (abbreviation LED – light emitting diodes) is a
semiconductor device that converts electric current into light radiation. It’s
like a “brick” of semiconductor electronics, which consists of two pieces of
semiconductor with different types of conductivity n-type with an excess of
electrons, p-type with an excess of holes. If the power source with plus is
attached to p-transition, then current will go through. New development can
create integrated circuits, including countless pn junctions on a single chip,
for example, the processor Pentium-IV fits tens of millions.

  • Light output of HID lights – 2800-3500lumens/35-38 watts
  • Light output of Halogen lights – 700-2100 lumens/40-72 watts
  • Light output of incandescent bulbs – 15 lm/watt
  • Light output of fluorescent lamps – 60 lm/watt
  • Light output of metal halide lamps – 85 lm/watt

Total Automotive Performance offers a variety of LED offroad
lights to choose from. Check some popular brands below or visit

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