Clutch Masters has just introduced their clutch kit for the 2000-2011 Porsche 911 Turbo (3.6L/ 3.8L/4.0L). Total Automotive Performance will be stocking select kits for this application as well as the non- turbo applications.

The Clutch Masters FX series performance clutch kit is a direct bolt on replacement for the 2000 –  2011 Porsche Turbo Applications. The FX-series kits feature a modified OEM Genuine Sachs pressure plate, clutch disc, and release bearing along with all the necessary components for an easy bolt on installation.

Kits include the following:
High-Leverage Pressure Plate
Performance Disc
Release Bearing
Alignment Tool

High-Leverage Pressure Plate:
The Clutch Masters High-Leverage pressure plate provides an increase in clamping force while still maintaining a soft pedal feel. The High-Leverage design reduces the amount of load against the crankshaft, minimizing thrust bearing wear, and crank walk. Clutch Masters begins with a OEM genuine pressure plate and incorporates our signature High-Leverage technology in order to achieve maximum clamping force without having to compromise peddle feel. The Hi-Leverage pressure plate used on 20934 part numbers are rated at 3600 ft/lbs of clamping force which is 900 ft/lbs stronger than stock. Clutch Masters High-Leverage technology has been proven to be the best method of achieving a high clamping force in the clutch industry.

Performance Disc:
The Clutch Masters FX100-FX350 performance disc utilizes a Sachs performance disc carrier which consist of 4 heavy duty “large” springs to reduce the amount of shock and impact during engagement. The large springs help for a smooth engagement and are more durable compared to a smaller spring design available in today’s market. A variety of materials are available to ensure you have the best setup for your application and to best suit your needs. Marcel or “cushion” is also incorporated on Clutch Masters performance disc to reduce chatter and offer a smoother engagement.

T6 Billet Aluminum Flywheel:
The Clutch Masters single-mass aluminum Flywheel weighs 13.50lbs which is significantly lighter compared to the OEM dual-mass flywheel. Clutch Masters has engineered this flywheel to be driver friendly with minimal gear rattle which is increased when too light of a flywheel is utilized. The light weight aluminum flywheel offers a much quicker throttle response without compromising any bottom end torque which can be reduced when using too light of a flywheel. Clutch Masters Flywheels are SFI Certified meeting performance and safety standards for the automotive and motorsport industry.

Clutch Kit Application List:
Porsche 996/ Turbo 4 / 2000-2004/ 3.6L
Porsche 996/ GT2 Turbo / 2001-2005/ 3.6L
Porsche 996/ Turbo 4S / 2003-2005/ 3.6L
Porsche 996/ GT3 / 2004-2005/ 3.6L
Porsche 997/ Turbo / 2006-2008/ 3.6L
Porsche 997/ GT3 / 2007-2008/ 3.6L
Porsche 997/ GT3 RS / 2007-2008/ 3.6L
Porsche 997/ GT2 Turbo / 2007-2009/ 3.6L
Porsche 997.2/ Turbo / 2009-2009/ 3.6L
Porsche 997.2/ GT2 RS / 2010-2011/ 3.6L
Porsche 997.2/ GT3 / 2010-2011/ 3.8L
Porsche 997.2/ Turbo (DFI)/ 2010-2011/ 3.8L
Porsche 997.2/ GT3 RS / 2011-2011/ 3.8L
Porsche 997.2/ GT3 RS / 2011-2011/ 4.0L

Part Numbers / Power Ratings:
FX100: 20934-HD00 – 525 ft/lbs Tq
FX250: 20934-HD0F – 600 ft/lbs Tq
FX350: 20934-HDFF – 675 ft/lbs Tq
FX400 6-puck: 20934-HDC6 – 775 ft/lbs Tq
FX400 4-puck : 20934-HDC4 – 775 ft/lbs Tq

Flywheel Part Number:
FW-934-AL – Single-mass Aluminum flywheel @ 13.50 lbs