As one of the leading offroad & auxiliary lighting suppliers in the country, Total Automotive Performance is always looking for the newest products & technology to share with our customers. LED technology is moving at a steady pace.The old 3w LED light bars are slowly being pushed out by higher power LED chips. KC HiLites, a world leader in offroad lighting has released a game changing, modular 10 Watt LED system.

KC FLEX Series LEDs are a modular and customizable performance off-road LED lighting platform, that can be expanded as needs change.  The FLEX Single is a 10w compact and powerful stand-alone LED light available in spot or spread beam configurations. FLEX Duals and Arrays can be used as stand-alone lights, with the Duals and Arrays having the ability to be linked and stacked to each other to create a custom led light bar systems that can be mounted in standard sized aftermarket light mounts.11900026_10207248869003003_3814457497879432535_n
FLEX LEDs already feature a unique look with their massive heat-sink housing. KC FLEX also feature an anodized bezel (standard color is gold) that can be swapped out with a kit from KC that includes the tool to easily replace and personalize your Flex LEDs. Check out the entire line of KC FLEX Series LED Lights @ Total Automotive Performance


The FLEX Array LED light is an expandable performance LED light bar.  Consisting between 5 and 15 cores, the Arrays are available as a standalone unit, complete with a side mount adapters and a u-bracket. The patented power systems allows multiple Arrays to be linked and even stacked together to create single and multiple-row LED light systems – the possibilities and applications are endless. Flex Array LED light bars are available in our combo (spot/spread) beam pattern and come standard with black bodies and gold bezels. Optional add-on red, blue or black changeable bezels are also available and allow for additional personalization. Flex Arrays LED lights are sturdy and produce a tremendous amount of light at a distance. Flex housings and light cores are made with high-grade aluminum and use precision tuned reflector optics.


Total Automotive Performance is your source for LED, HID & Halogen Off-Road Lighting Systems. With years of offroad racing & light development experience, we can assist you in finding the personalized light setup that works for your exact needs. TotalAutomotiveLV offers top quality lighting systems & accessories from over 30 manufacturers. Call us at 702.979.1577 or email Info@TotalAutoParts.net to discuss your custom lighting package, we are here to answer any questions you may have.


Check out the entire line of KC FLEX Series LED Lights @ Total Automotive Performance