The KW Suspension Rebate is back! Total Automotive Performance customers can save up to $200 with KW Suspensions’ consumer rebate from April 1st, 2015 to April 30th, 2015!

This rebate is managed by KW Suspensions directly. Attached is the PDF form to claim the rebate amount that your customer qualifies for. All claims will be processed at the address on the form.

Below are the associated values for the related product. You will also find online banner ads in the link below for your promotion on websites or emails. Full page and partial page print national advertising has been booked and scheduled to run to support this promotion.



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Participating Product Category Rebate Levels
Variant 1 : $100
HAS : $100
Variant 2 : $125
DLC Suspension : $125
Variant 3 : $150
Clubsport 2 Way : $175
Clubsport 3 Way : $175
Coilover Kit DDC ECU : $200
Coilover Kit DDC Plug and Play: $200

Sale Ends April 30th, 2015