Another NEW 2015 product release from Rigid Industries – High/Low Dual Function LED Lights! Run at full power or at 20% via a 3 way toggle switch.

Rigid Industries High & Low Dual Function LED Lights provide the option of high or low intensity LED lighting to suit any environment. These lights feature a three-wire harness, and the low, high, or off three-position rocker switch which gives you the option of running at full intensity on high power or 20% intensity on low power. The Rigid Industries High & Low Dual Function LED Lights feature a thermally engineered oversized heat sink that provides the cooling power to deliver the 50,000-hour lifespan. With its unbreakable polycarbonate lens, durable UV-resistant powder-coat and patented optics, the High & Low Function LED Lights are the total lighting solution. Torture Tested and Approved!



Available in several Rigid Industries LED Options:

Dually D2 High/Low
Driving H/L – 50131H
Driving H/L Pair – 50231H
Driving H/L Flush Mount – 51131H
Driving H/L Flush Mount Pair – 51231H

E2 Series High/Low
4″ Driving H/L – 17361H
6″ Driving H/L – 17561H
10″ Driving H/L – 17861H

SR2 Series High/Low
6″ Driving H/L – 90661H
10″ Driving H/L – 91061H

SR-M2 Series High/Low
Driving H/L – 91231H
Driving Flush Mount H/L – 93231H
Diffused H/L (Marine) – 95251H
Diffused Flush Mount H/L (Marine) – 97251H

SR-Q2 Series High/Low
Driving H/L – 91431H
Driving H/L Pair – 91531H
Driving Flush Mount H/L – 93431H

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