Although production on the BMW E30 M3 ended 23 years ago, it is still a cult favorite! To help bring your E30 into the 21st century, OS Giken has introduced the BMW E30 M3 Super Single Clutch Kit & Super Lock LSD.

Super Single Clutch Kit
• The OS Giken Racing Clutch features one 225mm full faced disk and has a recommended horsepower rating up to 400whp (vehicle spec dependent)
• Full faced clutch disk design allows for easy clutch modulation and increased drivability versus the commonly used “puck” style designs from other brands, which result in a very on/off clutch feel. OS Giken’s specially designed clutch release sleeve (included) utilizes a tapered design that reduces clutch pedal effort.
• This single plate assembly is still approximately 35% lighter than the OEM single plate clutch/flywheel assembly! Understandably, the lighter assembly weight and smaller than OEM disks greatly reduces total rotating mass, resulting in quicker engine response and increased drivetrain efficiency.
• All OS Giken clutches feature mono-piece, heat treated, lightweight steel flywheels. Unique to an OS Giken multi-plate clutch is our 360° billet clutch housing, which provides an incredible amount of rigidity and durability to the entire clutch/flywheel assembly.

Super Lock LSD
• Our OS Giken Super Lock Differential features a total of 20 active clutch plates and is tuned to provide a smooth and progressive lock
• The Spec-S Tune is offered in a very progressive 1.5 configuration and provides excellent stability during heavy braking along with increased grip and acceleration toward the corner exit. Control and stability during trail-braking are also significantly increased.
• All of OS Giken differentials feature forged cases that are chemically heat treated, providing the highest level of durability and strength possible.
• All Super Lock LSDs are fully tunable for any specific application. Please feel free to inquire with details regarding your unique needs and OS Giken will be happy to provide a recommending setting.

Part Numbers
Super Single Clutch Kit (PN: BM091-AB8)
MAP: $1790.00

Super Lock LSD (PN: BM091-HA)
MAP: $1890.00