Camburg Long-travel Axle Shafts 4Runner



These are the axle shafts needed with our long-travel kits for your 4wd truck.

They are CNC machined from 4340 chomoly, then heat-treated, stress relieved and powdercoated black. They are designed to be used with the OEM parts, not aftermarket or re-manufactured units as those don’t match up to the factory spline count and diameters.

If you’re looking for new boots and boot clamps, contact your local Chevy or Toyota dealership as they are readily available as kits. We recommend OEM boots over aftermarket as we’ve seen them last longer and fit better.

We highly recommend a professional change the shafts as some specialized tools and procedures are needed to disassemble your stock axles and re-assemble with the new longer shafts.


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