Camburg Toyota Tacoma 05-21 UCA Replacement X-Joint


  • NEW
  • High angle design
  • Maximum strength
  • Fully sealed


Rounding out 2020, we developed the new Camburg X-Joint. It’s an eXtreme performance, all-weather, all conditions, high angle ball-joint for our Camburg BJ performance upper control arms. These are much higher quality, considerably stronger and have an improved boot design that allows for higher angle use, better greasing and increased longevity. With higher strength heat-treated materials and an improved design, we were able to vastly improve upon what was available on the market. These are fully sealed and perfect for extreme conditions, so dirt, sand, rain, mud and snow are no match for them. The dual lip seal design on the boot insures the outside elements don’t make their way in and contaminate the grease and joint.

The grease zerk fitting allows you to grease them on the truck without having to remove the boot. Our Camburg X-Joint is designed specifically for our ball-joint upper arms for optimum fit and maximum wheel travel. They do not retro-fit into uniball arms and are not designed for the stock sheet metal arms.

We sell them individually or discounted as a set.

These fit Camburg P/N 310078 upper control arms.

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