Camburg Toyota Tacoma Pre/4wd 05-21 Long Travel Rear Bedcage


  • Bolt-on design
  • Designed for 16? travel bypass shocks
  • Maximizes useable bed space
  • Powdercoated black
  • Made in the USA
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Our bolt-on bedcage for the 2005-2020 Tacoma is an easy way to install bypass shocks on a long-travel leaf spring setup for maximum wheel travel.

We CAD designed the bedcage to bolt together to ease assembly and make it easier to ship. We have the tubing and plate work laser cut and CNC bent for the utmost precision. They are MIG welded in-house, sandblasted then powdercoated in our matte black finish.

We designed the bedcage around using 2.5 to 3.0 x 16? travel bypass shocks in conjunction with our Camburg spring under kit for the proper motion ratios and fitment. You will need a specific bypass tube layout for proper clearances. This yields up to 18? of wheel travel. It locates off of exiting holes in the frame for proper positioning. We supply all the necessary grade 8 mounting hardware. We designed this bedcage to maximize useable bed space and keep it a low profile.

We highly recommend a qualified off-road shop installing these race parts. You will need to cut holes in the bed for the bedcage and shocks to pass through. You will also need to cycle the suspension and setup lower shock mounts that will require welding and minor fab work. We do not supply lower shock tabs as these will vary depending on the shock brand and size you’re using. Depending on your wheel and tire combo you may also need 1.5?-2? hub-centric wheel spacers for added clearance between the tire and the shock.

Combine this with our bolt-on air bump mounts for the ultimate rear suspension kit out there.


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