Deaver Rear Leaf Spring Kits



Looking to lift the rear of your truck? We use the best leafs springs out there manufactured in the USA by Deaver Spring who’s been in the business for over 100 years. They are progressive for better bottoming control when off-roading but plush when driven on the street for a much better ride compared to stock both on and off-road. Some models have a mini-pak available at a lower cost that replaces the factory over-load spring with a 3-5 leaf pack for added lift and progression. Most Deaver springs are not designed for heavy hauling and heavy towing, some are available for higher load capacities when running shells and overland bed racks.

Some leaf springs require shackles and fabrication, refer to the “Notes” tab for more info.

We include all necessary bushings, sleeves and u-bolts.

Additional information

Spring Pack

F-67 Tacoma Pre/4WD '96-04 (spring under) {3"lift}, F-85 Tacoma '96-21 / Tundra '00-21 (mini-pack) {1.5 lift}, G-57 Tundra 2WD/4WD '00-06 {1"lift}, H-70/E-30 Tacoma Pre/4WD '05-21 {3"lift}, I-96 Tundra '07-21 (spring under) {2"lift}, J-59 Tacoma '98-04 {1.5" lift}, J-66 Tacoma Pre/4WD '05-21 {1"lift}, K-37 Tundra 2WD/4WD '07-21 {2"lift}, U-402-1 Tacoma Pre/4WD '05-21 {2"lift 0-300# Load}, U-402-2 Tacoma Pre/4WD '05-21 {2"lift 400-600# Load}, U-402-3 Tacoma Pre/4WD '05-21 {2"lift 700-1000# Load}, U-478 Tundra 2WD/4WD '07-21 {2"lift 500# Load}


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