Mid Travel Rear – Tacoma Spring Under Conversion (without Springs)



  • Increase suspension up travel for a smoother ride quality, and maximize articulation and comfort while off road.
  • TOTAL CHAOS designed this kit to offer a light duty or heavy duty specific spring pack from Deaver Leaf Spring. (Springs are not included)
  • Light weight springs are intended for trucks that will not regularly have added bed weight. Light Duty Spring Part #’s 3703-U644R/3703-U645L
  • Heavy duty springs are designed for trucks with regular heavy loads such as camper shells, motorcycles, bed racks and equipment. Heavy Duty Spring Part #’s 3703-U539LHD/3703-U540RHD
  • Eliminate driver side bed sag on your Tacoma. Deaver now offers a driver & passenger side specific rear leaf spring. Driver side spring has additional arch to level the truck.
  • Retain factory rear shock mounts. Custom shock mounts can be installed to maximize wheel travel.
  • Prerunner model Tacoma’s will require drive line modifications. Adding a slip yoke on the front end is necessary.
  • Welding is required for this installation.
  • Designed to work with factory rubber bump stops or the TOTAL CHAOS 2.0 bump stop system for FOX & KING.
  • Wheel spacers must be installed to use stock wheels with the TC air bump or custom rear shock mounts built off the outer frame rail.
  • Wheel travel specs: Wheel travel with stock mounting location shocks- 9.5″
  • Wheel travel with custom shock mounts- Capable of 11″
  • Kit includes: Shackles with bushings & inner sleeves. Gusseted u-bolt plates. Weld on spring perches. Bump stop relocation mounts.


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