Baja Designs unique use of O-ring seals instead of silicone allows users to change their beam pattern and lenses with ease. Other LED lights are silicone sealed so their patterns are not customizable and a rock chip requires you to return the light to the manufacturer for service or purchase a completely new light. On the other hand, if a BD lens happens to get scratched or you need a different light pattern, simply unscrew BD’s water and dust proof lens and custom O-ring seal and install the replacements.

Baja Designs engineers are off road enthusiasts and racers and know what’s important when it comes to LED lights. “You wouldn’t throw out your car if your windshield cracks, would you? No, you’d just replace the windshield. So why would anyone design a disposable LED driving light? That’s crazy!” – Alan Roach, Baja Designs Engineer, Founder and Racer.

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