Energy Suspension has recently released their Hyper-Flex Master Set for the 2005+ Toyota Tacoma. This kit includes everything needed to bring your trucks suspension back up to snuff while providing a long life performance replacement bushing. This kit will greatly improve your trucks response while replacing those weak factory bushings with high-performance polyurethane.

Hyper-Flex is Energy Suspension’s unique and technically advanced chemical formulation performance polyurethane. Durability is superior to most rubber components that are used for cars, trucks and SUVs. Road salt, oil, and a host of other common under car contaminants will eventually destroy the rubber bushings on your vehicles, not to mention the weight and torque forces that typically compress most rubber permanently. Hyper-Flex replacement polyurethane components stand up well to contaminants that often destroy rubber and have been engineered to give longer-lasting performance and not compress permanently.

Kit Contents

• Front control arm bushings
• Rear leaf spring bushings
• Front sway bar bushings
• Front & rear bump stops
• Front coil spring isolators
• Steering rack bushings
• Cab body mounts with hardware

Application: 2005+ Toyota Tacoma 6-Lug

Part Numbers
8.18113G – BLACK
8.18113R – RED

In stock! $340 delivered.